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Cost Comparison

Time to put away the Spreadsheets

Normally you rent an office. An office costs money. Whether it costs more or less ultimately depends on what you wish to spend, or what you can afford. For a simple illustration, we estimate a 100-square-metre office would cost 10.00 € per square metre. That's 1,000.00 €. When you add utilities, you are already looking at 1,200.00 €. In your office you might employ a secretary or a receptionist. That would cost some 3,000.00 € a month. And now you factor in the furniture: furnishings, telephone system, office equipment, all leased. Let's say for 300.00 € a month. Right, the fact that you are economical with consumables allows you to get by with 50.00 € per month. But then you have to include cleaning, coffee, flowers, and TV licence fees, conservatively estimated at 200.00 € That adds up to 4,750.00 € Every month. That's money that has to be earned. Throughout a typical lease term of at least 12 months.

By comparison, in our facility a manageable monthly sum of 650,00 € will provide you with your own office, including furnishings, phone and office equipment and a complete back office. Starting at three-month contracts. You can run the spreadsheets one more time. Or save yourself the trouble and come straight to us – and begin enjoying your new office.

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Rent: 1.000,00 € 650,00 €
Utilities: 200,00 € 0,00 € included
Secretary: 3.000,00 € 0,00 € included
Furniture: 200,00 € 0,00 € included
Consumables: 200,00 € 0,00 € included
Total: 4.750,00 € 650,00 €