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Secretarial Services

You could probably use a bit of help in the office now and then. But paying for a full-time secretarial position would not make economical sense for you. Why not simply let us do it! We'll jump in and offer you the support you need. We can type, translate, send out faxes, and make photocopies. We'll make sure your office supplies are well stocked, answer your phone and attend to your mail. We'll receive and provide hospitality to your guests. And we're not too proud to run errands. In a word: upon request we will gladly and routinely carry out any tasks that you don't have the time, the patience, the know-how or simply the desire to take care of. And we will bill you for these services. But only for these services, and that's a promise!

We would be happy to forward you our small price list for our vast secretarial service.

Your advantages:

You can take care of your core business. We'll handle the rest. You can save a monthly salary that a secretary or personal assistant would cost. But you still have access to your own small, yet complete, secretarial service.

By the way: We also know how to make a proper cup of tea. We'd be happy to invite you to a cup, and we can discuss everything in a relaxed atmosphere!


professionelles Sekretariat
Allgemeine Sekretariatsarbeiten
Postbearbeitung, Botengänge etc.
Textverarbeitung deutsch/english
Textverarbeitung fremdsprachig