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Phone Answering Service

In today's world, you have to go out and generate business. All the time. To ensure that you won't miss any calls that could lead to sales opportunities, we offer you a complete telephone answering service scaled to your needs at a reasonable fixed monthly price. You'll receive your own phone line which allows for ongoing or selective re-routing of incoming calls, for example when you are the road, you need some quiet time to concentrate, or your secretary is on her lunch break. We will receive your incoming calls, answer the phone with your company name and field enquiries according to your exact wishes. Plus: you'll receive a detailed message for each phone call. Why not pick up the phone and test the quality of our answering service for yourself. Please don't hesitate to phone and ask about our latest offers.

Your advantages:

Time is more than money – if you have the time to venture out and find customers rather than waiting for them to find you, you can put greater quality into your work. You decide which calls are truly important, whom you wish to call back and when. This prevents you from being constantly pulled away from vital tasks. Your callers' needs will be well cared for by a select number of staff. Personnel changes are the absolute exception rather than the rule. Customers who call frequently will typically be greeted by the same courteous receptionist who will have your company's best interests at heart.

By the way: We would be happy to provide you with your own phone number which you can use for outbound calling and we will directly answer all your incoming calls – which goes hand in hand with a collaborative trust relationship geared to your business success.

Phone Answering Service

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